These three seasoned thespians may appear sour and flat to the untrained eye, but Fusebox Festival in all its expertise has brought them on board to release a cavalcade of entertainment! A cornucopia of color! and a tour de force of raw theatrical power the likes of which only SHABOOM!! can make for its first-and-most-probably-last-time-only OPENING CEREMONIES EXTRAVAGANZA!

Won’t you join us?

Silky Shoemaker is a performer, artist, and organizer currently living in the bay area. She performs regularly with CHRISTEENE, Rebecca Havemeyer, and, occasionally, a vibrant army of trained chickens.

Lex Vaughn is a multi-disciplinarian artist living in Los Angeles. Her work is primarily character-based and revolves around queer absurdity and butch visibility.

Paul Soileau is an artist best known for his alter egos CHRISTEENE and Rebecca Havemeyer. As CHRISTEENE, Paul has spent the past three years touring extensively both nationally andinternationally. 

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