Image: Y2KWANE Jewels


Y2K is a performance, music and installation artist, whose work moves freely across different realms of theatrical nightlife performance, media production and performance art. Their work explores themes of queer stigma, trauma and sexual liberation.

In their multimedia performances, they usually embody a queer version of the Y2K Virus/Millennium Bug who is back with the mission to spread queerness through technology (or in their words, “the desirous virus leading the queer apocalypse,”). With an interest in experiential art, Y2K’s performances frequently include three-dimensional screen-objects, which they map and project onto to create environments that their audience inhabits with them.

In their performances, they usually break free physical restraints and move to seduce their audience with their unconventional beauty, in an attempt to spread their virus. Through their work, they have coined the phrase
“r u ready 2 y2kiki?!” which they describe as the chant to their queer apocalypse.




Fusebox Performances

  • Y2K (Fusebox 2019)