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Adrienne Truscott’s A One-Trick Pony (Or Andy Kaufman Is a Feminist Performance Artist and I’m A Comedian)

Adrienne Truscott

This show is about Adrienne Truscott’s suspicion, following the runaway success of her previous piece, that anything she makes may disappoint. But comedy isn’t for pussies, so Truscott’s throwing hers back in the ring! Your #1 Gimmicky-Pantsless-Performance Artist Turned Comedian wrestles with standing up while telling jokes, ‘second shows’, stealing material, categorization and bad reviews. All while paying homage to her favorite (dead?!) ‘comedian’. The Australian Times says, ‘A feminist masterpiece disguised behind dick-jokes and partial nudity. It’s brilliant!’ 4.5 stars. Chortle gives it 2 stars and says a definitive ‘Whatever’. What if failing is a feminist act? How do you respond to reviews? How does a stage define who or what you are? What do you do for a ‘second show’? Who cares? She’s naked and wants to wrestle.

‘Nutty comic genius.’ West Australian ****

From Fusebox Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It is a seriously funny, unflinching, and nuanced stand-up show about rape culture. Since Truscott first performed it in 2013, it’s only become more relevant; as she has noted wryly, she updates it constantly as new revelations of sexual assault come to light. This perpetually powerful work will be presented alongside the next show she made, One Trick Pony, which is a feminist exploration of the gender dynamics of comedy via the figure of Andy Kaufman. Following the clamorous success of Asking For It, Truscott decided that instead of trying to follow with another success, she’d try, in a Kaufman-esque manner, to make a failure instead. Catch Asking For It solo on Friday, and the two shows as a double bill on the Saturday.

Creative Team Concept, Costume, Video, Sound & Failure by Adrienne Truscott.

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