Ant Hampton Workshop: Fantasy Interventions

Ant Hampton

A three-day workshop on imagination and writing for site-specific theatre / live urban interventions. This workshop is for artists and practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as theatre-makers, actors, directors, as well as choreographers, stage-designers, architects, poets, and writers of many kinds.

Rather than try to enable or kick-start any actual project, the workshop concerns itself with the initial stages of imagina- tion and conception. A designer or architect will often create sketches or models which aim to embody the essence of a project while willfully exceeding many ‘real world’ limitations (financial, structural, political, aesthetic, etc). Such sketches can often be considered valuable work in their own right, both for the artist and others.

What kind of ‘sketches’ can assist us in conceiving performance work for locations outside theatre buildings? What sort of imagination is required for this kind of performance? How can we – achieve it? – hold onto it? – express it?

What does it mean to balance fantasy with feasibility? To what extent are they separable? Where would the audience be? Who would they be, where would they come from? What would they see or think?


Participation is limited to 12 people

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