As Holy Sites Go/Duet

Deborah Hay with Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby

Based on Hay’s acclaimed solo No Time to Fly (2010), As Holy Sites Go/duet originally began as a trio and has been adapted as a duet for world-renowned choreographers Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby. Over this past year, the duet has been performed at Dancespace Project (NYC) and the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis).

FROM THE ARTIST: “The dancers’ choice to perform much of the choreographic material that determines “As Holy Sites Go” and “No Time To Fly”, requires catastrophic acts of perception. ‘Catastrophe’ in this sense refers to the magnitude of former behavior that the dancers need to dis-attach from in order to perform my choreographic directions. It represents a loss of tremendous proportion.”


“To watch the two dancers of Deborah Hay’s “As Holy Sites Go/duet” at St. Mark’s Church is like observing members of a new species, with plenty of animal characteristics. Much of what Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby do is odd, idiosyncratic and private, but they’re so motivated and strangely coherent that the realm they make onstage is large and satisfying. We watch like anthropologists, anxious not to disturb.” – NY Times

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