Image by Alex Myung

Bounce House

Christine Sun Kim

Bounce House revels in the opportunity to communally share awareness of the tactile qualities of sound. With a soundtrack provided by international and local sound artists, designers, and musicians, the public during the 2015 Fusebox Festival will immerse themselves in a room expressly designed with an audio system that delivers very low frequency sounds. Attendees will be able to feel and dance to beats that can only be felt rather than heard, exposing a deeper understanding of what sound can be.

Christine Sun Kim will be Artist in Residence at the VAC from March 30 to April 4, 2015, where she will produce a process-oriented project to engage audiences in an interactive performance through two new installations: Calibration Room and Bounce House.

Deaf since birth, Kim creates work that addresses her relationship to sound and language. She calls into question ideas of ownership and the ability to broaden one’s awareness by rethinking the physicality and other dimensions of sound through visual expression. Often wondering what it would be look like if we had the ability to calibrate our surroundings to fit our needs and desires instead of calibrating ourselves to fit social norms, Kim will ask participants to define their own kind of sound and silence, as she often has during her personal investigation of unlearning sound.

Bounce House features tracks from the following artists: Alex Keller (TX), Beka Goedde (NY), Carmelle Safdie (NY), Chad Mossholder (TX), Chris Woebken (NY), Christopher Willes (CAN), Dan Gentile and Michael Zawodniak (Flying Turns) (TX), Danae Valenza (AUS), Elliot P. Montgomery (NY), Harrison Haynes (NC), James Talambas (TX), Jeich Jeong (S. KOREA), Joshua Hudelson (NY), Kangaroo Paw (JAPAN), Killbot Kindergarten (GER), Lauren Klotzman (TX),Marina Rosenfeld (NY), Minwhee Lee (NY), nanonum (JAPAN), NOEL-KIT (JAPAN), Phasma (JAPAN), Raquel Bell (TX), Sara Magenheimer (NY), Sean Forbes (MI), Sean O’Neill (TX), Sheila Scoville (TX), Veronica Torres and Andrew Spaulding (NY), Yuji Tsutsumida (JAPAN)

Calibration Room – UT Visual Arts Center, 2301 San Jacinto St, 78712 Tues March 31 – Wed April 1: Dates and Times TBD Calibration Room will occur on The University of Texas campus early in Kim’s residency and focuses on the individual’s sound reality over the collective. With this installation, the artist invites individuals to experience an audio piece within the intimate confines of a small room specifically adjusted to each participant’s personalized hearing levels.

Christine Sun Kim Artist Talk – The University of Texas at Austin, Art Building > Rm. 1.102, 2301 San Jacinto Blvd Thurs April 2, 2015, 4pm

Support for Christine Kim Sun’s residency comes from the Ford Foundation, POSCO Korean Studies Endowment and the Center for East Asian Studies, The Church of the Friendly Ghost, Fusebox Festival, Department of Asian Studies, and the Humanities Institute.

About Sound + Vision Sound + Vision presents experiments in sound, video, and performance. Designed in collaboration with contemporary artists, each program provides multi-sensory experiences through the pairing of visual art and non-traditional media.

Sound + Vision is presented in collaboration with The Church of the Friendly Ghost, an Austin-based organization dedicated to creative music, future-minded expressions, sound, new media art and the counter-culture arts community.

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