Image by Brian Rogers


Beth Gill

Bessie Award winning choreographer Beth Gill, with long-time design collaborators Thomas Dunn and Jon Moniaci return to Fusebox with Catacomb, a powerful work inspired by the imagination and subconscious. A symbiotic pair with a mysterious bond, a lone heroic female, an observer, and an otherworldly presence inhabit a dreamlike, sensory-rich world that draws the audience into an immersive act of witnessing. Gill creates an intimate, surrealist space building on the formalism of her past several works (Electric Midwife, New Work for the Desert), while forging new psychologically driven terrain through explorations of role, the gathering and layering of meaning and being, and ultimately, disappearance.

Performers: Maggie Cloud, Heather Lang, Jennifer Lafferty, Stuart Singer, Marilyn Maywald Yahel

Composer & Performer: Jon Moniaci

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