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Fusebox Archive: Adam Sultan (2013 Festival)

Steve Moore & Physical Plant Theater

The play centers around a real person in the world named Adam Sultan. Great guy. Lives here in Austin. He’s a musician, composer, dancer, storyteller, actor, and teacher. We imagine Adam’s life about forty years in the future. It’s the year 2052, and Adam is in his eighties. Many of his dearest friends have died, including his wife — and much has changed. Including Adam. Over the years, he’s gone from happy and adventurous to cranky and withdrawn, in large part because the community he was once a part of has disintegrated around him. That’s where we begin.

One day, seemingly at random, an exact puppet version of Adam arrives at his apartment. It can’t see Adam and can’t hear him, but it is definitely alive. It walks, eats, drinks, and sleeps. And it’s living some version of Adam’s own life.

Physical Plant is a non-profit arts organization located in Austin, Texas—founded in 1994 and dedicated to producing new and original plays for the stage—new in voice, new in structure and scope, ample in their hospitality, and ample in their faith that creative meaning can improve the world.


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