Image by Joanna Stawnicka

Fusebox Artist-in-Residence: FK Alexander

FK Alexander

FK Alexander is a Scottish performance artist, who’s lifework attempts to force feed mania influenced visions about  new language, new love, and new violence upon groups of civilians across various dimensions with varying outcomes.

This work regularly employs noise music, strobes, hammers, flashing images and repetition.

FK makes primarily action based, often durational, aesthetically driven, sensation focused work that can be found in art spaces, outside, theatres, and nightclubs.

Previous work has been concerned with ideas of recovery, radical wellness, harsh meditation, judy garland, princess diana, transmitted aggression, spite and love.

Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes beautiful, always present, always for real.

Total Theatre Award 2016 – I Could Go On Singing Autopsy Award 2016 – I Could Go On Singing Previously Mentored by Lydia Lunch, Ron Athey

”Must See” – Vogue Magazine ”Honest, selfless and empowering” – Michigan Daily ”Beautiful, otherworldly and troubling” – Exeunt Magazine ”Nothing can prepare you for the emotional impact” – The Guardian ”A dark, poetic savagery” – The Herald

From Fusebox

Glasgow based performance artist FK Alexander is the 2019 Fusebox Festival Resident Artist. FK’s viscerally driven work engages ritualized actions to activate aggressive healing through new language, new violence and new love. FK is creating a site specific performance for our Hub. Going to definitely feel fierce sensations!

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