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p1nkstar Live


p1nkstar (ur fav electr0nic pop superstar!) is a performance and music artist whose work utilizes queered aesthetics of cuteness and pop music to celebrate trans/genderqueer/femme and Latinx identities and propose alternate hierarchies of power and desire than those prescribed by a hegemonic Western society.

p1nkstar is most widely known through her multimedia live sets which, according to the Qmmunity Austin, “create [a] world via music and conceptual shows mixing saccharine beats with subversive lyrics, tiaras with ball gags, and body hair with hypnotic ponytails […] a realm far removed from this dimension’s binaries.” In 2018, p1nkstar and her main collaborator, Y2K, were presented as Austin’s caretakers of queer nightlife by The Austin Chronicle and were the cover of their PRIDE issue. In addition to her live shows, p1nkstar also performs as a DJ, creating sets which center the music work of underground femme and queer Latinx/POC artists. Eclectic in nature, p1nkstar’s DJ sets commonly move across the genres of club dembow, kawaiiton, rap feminista, techno, house and Latin pop music.

Drag For All Ages hosted by p1nkstar + Y2K

Live Multimedia Music Set p1nkstar feat. Y2K and the P1nk Ladies

DJ Set p1nkstar + Y2K

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