Hometown Mutonia is part of a series of documentaries focusing on transitioning neighborhoods, created by the artist collective ZimmerFrei. The series looks at cities from the point of view of outsiders and outcasts and is produced with the participation of the people who live there.

Hometown Mutonia The Mutoid Waste Company arrived in Santarcangelo in 1990 and quickly became a destination for European nomadic travelers. Mutonia is a temporary city, a village inside a village, from which original proposals of sustainability and creativity emerge–a place with an intense and at the same time fragile way of inhabiting and living. This little city was born with the same anarchic, irreverent and experimental spirit of the travelers and cyber punks who founded it over two generations ago. It became their hometown–a “motherland” to return to periodically, or a place to settle and raise children. Such an original place to live, made of assembled pieces of junk and vehicles transformed into houses, now risks disappearing because urban planning efforts fail to recognize the qualities that make this place exceptional–a place that embraces invention, fragility, energy, transgression and a need for roots.

Hometown Mutonia is a part of the Fusebox series SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT From the curator: Same Same But Different is a series of sound and video works that tackle questions related to identity: how our identities can be different, how they can be similar, and most interestingly, how they end up mixing to create the super diverse societies in which we live. During my first visit, I was struck by how diverse yet seemingly gentrified the city of Austin was. The three works I’ve put together, is in part a response to that contradiction–they depict characters and stories in movement, trying to define themselves better through confrontation with other realities and situations. From that confrontation comes a very moving picture of human beings in search for their own identity and for a place to live it.

Same same but different is an expression used a lot in Thailand, especially in an attempt to sell something, but it can mean just about anything depending on what the user is trying to achieve. Q “Is this a real Rolex?” A ” Yes sir, same same but different” – Online Urban Dictionary

Hans Bryssinck: Wilson Y Los Más Elegantes Big Medium, Thurs 7 & Fri 8 @ 12-9pm (27 mins, starts every half hour)

Nastio Mosquito: Us And We (T.T.T.A.W.) Museum of Human Achievement, Thurs 7 12-7pm & 8-9pm & Fri 8 @ 12-9pm (8 mins, starts every 15 mins)

ZimmerFrei: Hometown Mutonia Sekrit Theater, Thurs 7 @ 9pm (69 mins)

Matthieu Goeury is an arts worker based in Brussels, Belgium. He is active as a producer, curator and late night entertainer. Working in the field of performing arts, visual art and music, his trajectory led him to create a workspace for emerging artists, participate in the launch of a major contemporary art museum, and program one of the most exciting venues in Europe–Vooruit. During the last few years, he created the festivals Possible Futures, (IM)Possible Futures and Smells Like Circus. He tries to apply, with more or less success, strong ethics to the projects he develops, based on socio-political engagement, solidarity, equality, diversity, pragmatism and reasonable seriousness.

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