Image by Lauren Bryant


kt shorb + Katherine Wilkinson

4 years ago, 2 queer friends made a play about how impossible it felt to exist in their own bodies. The play was written and staged and perfectly prepared. And then, without warning, it stopped. And the two friends found new lovers and friends and collaborators. Their languages grew further apart and they forgot they were supposed to hate themselves. They grew older and wiser and softer. They forgot so much about themselves and each other. And now, they have to finish their impossible play.  

What happens when you journey back to a life you left on purpose? And what rituals must we create to retrieve pieces of our past? Inappropriate is a queer ritual of desire and reconciliation. A physical and poetic reckoning with who we were and who we want to be.

From Fusebox We’re pleased to commission Inappropriate by a beloved member of the Austin theatre community, kt shorb, who, with director and longtime friend Katherine Wilkinson, has created a devised theatre work that explores queer desire, interiority, and the depths of artistic and emotional collaboration.

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