It’s the sock that doesn’t match.

It’s the whiskey in your coffee.

It’s that kid who ruined the class photo (again). The new beat, the different drum, the tipsy lady dancing alone at your cousin Carol’s wedding. It’s a neon paint spill on the Mona Lisa, the Dom Deluise to your Burt Reynolds…

It’s INdustry Night! A new old-school variety show shot live in Austin, Texas featuring some of the best acts in local comedy, music, dance, film, theatre, burlesque, video games, and just about anything else you can think of.

But this ain’t your momma’s variety show. Created in 2014 by Chris Gibson, Rocky Hopson, and Michelle Keffer, INdustry Night has grown up quickly as a premiere showcase for Austin talent and a watering hole for the local creative community to develop new ideas, explore future collaborations, and at its very core, have a beer together and raise a glass to this vibrant ever-growing community of artists that make up Austin, Texas.

Hosted by Chris Gibson and Cami Alys, INdustry Night has presented the works of composer Graham Reynolds, musicians Graham Weber and Southpaw Jones, theater companies like The Intergalactic Nemesis and Breaking String, the acting talents of Barbara Chisholm, Lee Eddy and Jason Phelps, great local businesses like Devolver Films, Fleshlight, and many, many more.

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