Image by Michael Bruner



The hub space architecture provides an exciting three-dimensional canvas for location based experiences.  It explores the theme of multiverse by activating the entrance and gate to the space for every visitor. This new work will utilize conventional 3D projection mapping techniques, real-time generated media, and sensors to turn the location into a rich, interactive portal.

From Fusebox What’s the old saying? You can’t travel to multiple dimensions without a really cool looking entry portal? As we began to think about our Festival Hub as a sort of Fusebox Multiverse containing many different dimensions, we knew that we were going to need help designing the entrance. Led by Sven Ortel, a group of graduate students from the Integrated Media MFA program + undergraduates from the College of Fine Arts at UT Austin have taken up the challenge and will be designing projections + imagery for the front facade of our Festival Hub (including the entry portal) using projection mapping, real-time generated media, and sensors.

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