MANWATCHING (a work in progress)


Written by an anonymous woman. Performed by an unprepared man.

So I think it’s fair to say that most women almost definitely do masturbate. We just wait to discuss it until we’re in an oddly anonymous but public situation like this one.

A funny, frank, and occasionally explicit insight into heterosexual female desire, read out loud by a man. Each show begins with a male comedian being given a script they have never seen before. They then go onto read said script for the first time live in front of an audience which explores what one woman thinks about when she thinks about sex and men.

Commissioned and developed by Royal Court Theatre, London.

With direction and dramaturgy by Royal Court Theatre Associate Director Lucy Morrison and dramaturgical input from Ryan Nobel, Lisa Heledd Jones, and Christopher Brett Bailey.

Anonymous female writer’s work includes a lot of stuff that can’t be disclosed as she chooses to remain anonymous.

Lucy Morrison is Associate Director at the Royal Court where her credits include Plaques and Tangles, Who Cares, Pests and Product. Elsewhere her credits include This Wide Night by Chloe Moss and it felt empty when the heart went at first but it’s alright now by Lucy Kirkwood.

With support from The Hideout Theatre

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