Image by Guadelupe Maravilla

Mythological Border Crosser

Guadalupe Maravilla

Mythological Border Crosser will incorporate autobiographical storytelling, songs, and choreographed rituals to create a new visual memory for the entangled genealogy of border-crossing stories. Maravilla will perform alongside two futuristic border crosser Coyotes, La Momia songstress, and an alien abductor with intention to cleanse phobias and blockages resulting from an accelerating political climate.

From Fusebox There is a prominent place in the Fusebox Hall of Fame for Guadalupeā€™s last performance at our festival in 2017. It was a wild, impassioned, fever-dream of a public ritual in a State Capitol parking garage. This year Guadalupe will be visiting our Festival Hub with a new choreographed ritual accompanied by futuristic border crossing Coyotes, a songstress, and an alien abductor.

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