Image Courtesy of the artist.

On the Plight of the Primrose

Laura Latimer

In the early 1900s, Oenothera lamarckiana, the evening primrose, was central to the debate over the cause of evolution and its inherent mutations. In our times, the debate has changed to whether or not humanity is playing the dominant role in genetic erosion by habitat destruction, over-exploitation, introduction of invasive species, and the practice of genetically modifying food crops. As we lose indigenous plants to extinction, will the new varieties that arise through mutagenesis find means to flourish? This sculptural installation explores how future botanical mutants might survive in the limited spaces of fragmented ecosystems.

‘On the Plight of the Primrose’ opens with an artist reception on Friday March 6, 7:00-10:00pm. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday, 12:00pm – 6:00pm.

FROM DIMENSION GALLERY Dimension Gallery invites you to visit ‘On the Plight of the Primrose,’ featuring new installation work by local sculptor Laura Latimer. Using rubble from construction sites as the basis for building fantastical botanic specimens, Laura explores possibilities of biological regeneration in the wake of never-ending urban renewal.

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