Image by Jeff Mills



Riding With… is a hybrid art and archiving project–a performance that stages the archive and offers it to future festivals and performance history.

Riding With… will take place over the course of the 2017 Fusebox Festival as a series of recorded conversations that are mixed, (re)played, and distributed locally, nationally, and internationally to support the Festival’s production efforts.

Five Performers…One Car: The production will entail five performers engaging passengers in interviews en route to and from Fusebox events in a vehicle equipped with audio and visual recording equipment. The conversations between performer and respondent will document each day’s events–inevitably a mix of performance events, social and food events, multi-media happenings and conversations.

Listening stations will be set up at various venues throughout the festival and updated daily with new edited recordings of the interviews. Just look for the “Riding with…” artwork, pick up the headphones, and ENJOY!

In addition to the 5 curated performances, Fusebox will be broadcasting “Riding With… Live” via Facebook and other social media platforms. “Riding with…Live” will feature longtime Fusebox festival production staff member Jeff Mills as he drives artists, audience members, staff, volunteers, and anyone else he comes across, around Austin as they engage with the festival.

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