Offering participants unlimited sheets of baby-smooth cardboard and duct tape, Cardboard Fort Night is a collaborative and improvised sculptural undertaking that playfully examines the continuum between crafty fun and fine art. Low-fi but hi-intensity, it creates a context for re-evaluating our assumptions about who should create art, and who should consume it.

Plus, it is a blast.

NOTE to attendees: You are welcome to make more than mere forts – consider costumes, and mad hats! While we provide cardboard and duct tape, we encourage you to bring your own decorations to primp your crib! You’re welcome to work alone, or in teams, starting new forts or joining ones in progress. This is a great opportunity for folks to mix and mingle and collaborate on a common goal. At the end of the night, we will all go home filled with warmth, having made new forts, but more importantly, new friends.

Presented in partnership with Maker Faire Austin

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