Image by Pamela Smacking



Many fixed sound installations confine the audience and bind performer/sound artist into static points within a contained room. In String Room, grand piano strings made of steel and nylon are tensioned from ceiling to floor, each aligned differently throughout the gallery. These configured strings allow the viewer to pluck the strings as they walk around the space. The room becomes an activated place where a viewer interacts with the instrument and depending on the number of participants at any given time, the room can become vibrant cacophony or a minimal soundscape.

String Room will have dedicated time periods throughout the installation that will allow all artists and performers from the Austin, Texas area to sign up and have personal time to perform within the installation. For a performer/composer, this installation may force them to take into account the many varied perspectives that one may hear in their works, transforming their creative process from composing sounds that emit towards a body of people, into an all encompassing approach that physically engages the entire social and political aspects, becoming equal bodies in a performance space.

Exhibition Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 7-11pm – DEMO Gallery

Other Maria Chávez events: Solo Turntable Performance: Wednesday April 12, 8pm – DEMO Gallery DJ Set @ Al Volta’s: Friday April 14, 1am (Sat) The Language of Chance Workshop (all ages): Sunday April 16, 3pm – DEMO Gallery

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