The Brave Human World

Christie Blizard

I will be performing as an android Elle Fanning with a puppet based on the French philosopher, Jean-Francois Lyotard. The project tries to politicize the libidinal energy of EDM events so that the audience can experience a thought outside a body after the explosion of the sun.

From Fusebox While channel surfing, you might land on The Today Show and see the well-coiffed TV hosts, with the eager guest audience gathered behind them brandishing signs that read “Happy Birthday Derek!” or “ HI Jacksonville, Florida!” for their friends and family watching at home. Among the crowd, a woman stands holding a white sign with thick black letters that reads: “I feel like you know.” This scrap of poetry, poignant as it is perplexing, is just one of many performances artist Christie Blizard has staged in everyday places. Blizard seeks to bring art outside of its institutions, reach new audiences, and reframe our experience of the everyday. In her new work The Brave Human World, Blizard has immersed herself in electronic dance music and DJ culture and created a site-specific performance in the parking lot of the Kyle flea market. If that’s not pomo enough…a puppet version of famed French theorist Jean-Francois Lyotard will be her stage partner. Take an adventure to Kyle Flea Market and experience something outside the everyday.

Christie will be in residence at Dirty Dark Place for the entire month of April as part of the programming for the 2018 Backdoor Biennial.

Please allow for 30 minutes driving time to get to Kyle Flea Market.

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