Image by Sasha Arsenic Busko-Piñero

the secret show

Annie Street Arts Collective

Communing with music, nature, and the forgotten spaces of the city of Austin, Texas.  We seek a concert hall in a culvert, a cave, nestled along the greenbelt, among the ruins of old Austin awaiting what’s to become.  We like to quietly invite you to join us.

From Fusebox As an arts organization in Austin it’s impossible to ignore the rich role that music plays in our city, but there are also lots of other amazing festivals that focus specifically on music. So when we do program music, we want it to be something a little out of the box, something a little out of the ordinary. This year, we’re thrilled to be working with Annie Street Collective on a “secret” musical performance that will happen in a surprising, forgotten location somewhere in Austin. Personally, I’ve always been really interested in the marriage of music with place, and also really interested in using the festival as a way to explore our city. This project does both of these things.

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