This Poem Does Not Help Me At All

Bridget Moser

This Poem Does Not Help Me at All is a collection of short works that span prop comedy, experimental theatre, performance art, absurd literature, existential anxiety and intuitive dance. Seemingly improvised but in fact carefully scripted, these hybrid works feature bizarre interactions with everyday inanimate objects, abstract body movements, and absurd monologues. Moving between states of criticality, humor, and emotion, the resulting performance is at times entertaining, disarming, joyous, and bewildering.

From Fusebox Everything Bridget Moser touches turns to comedy. Her series of short performances draw on self-help materials, internet memes, overheard conversations, and private anxieties to produce a unique brand of existential comedy. Her interactions with everyday objects—a toilet plunger, a hair dryer, a microphone—reveals their absurdity and transforms them into hilarious and profound encounters. You’ll never think about your IKEA chair the same way again.

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