What will happen when my grandchildren find my Twitter account? What happens when my online self becomes my real self? How do I take the perfect selfie? What happens when someone finds that drunk photo from 2008?

We’re all going to ponder these questions as we dance together at Austin’s most introspective concert. Co-produced by Fusebox and The Cohen New Works Festival, TITLE LOADING combines multi-media spectacle, an interactive concert, and space to dance it out inside of this immersive concert theatre. Come with all_caps as we seek to find out what authenticity looks like to all of us now and how we’re all experimenting with our false sense of control around who we are online.

Using Dan Deacon’s “America” album, we’re celebrating our way through these questions, dancing about the beauty and value of the human connection made possible by the internet, and singing about the danger of what happens when the online realm becomes all too real.

all caps presents TITLE LOADING from Jon Haas on Vimeo.

Members of all_caps: Jon Haas, Bruno-Pierre Houle, Natalie Laboda, Drew Paryzer, Kevin Poole, Kelsey Vidic, Eli Weinberg and Hannah Wolf.

Additional Performers: Miguel Angel Lozano, Jade Jackson, Francis Rodriguez and Alexandra Sanchez. Choreography: Emily DiFranco and Allison Irby Sound Design and Engineering: Fernando Tort Cisneros Lighting Design: Matt Smith Stage Management: Helen Hetrick

Cohen New Works Festival, presented by Broadway Bank.

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