Image by Clara Lacasse

What Will Stay You Alive / Scream if You Want to Go Faster

Bridget Moser

A double feature of two 30-minute performances that borrow strategies associated with performance art, prop comedy, experimental theatre and dance, and shift abruptly and unexpectedly between brief scenes that deal with the limitations of self-soothing, the potential deficiencies of wellness, the implications of finishing what you started, and the feeling of accelerating into impending certain doom. Moser performs a series of monologues, movements, conversations, and abstract gestures alongside sound compositions, pop music, orchestral classics, and other noises. The performances feature a supporting cast of inanimate objects including self massage tools, a personal comfort pillow in the shape of an arm, platform Crocs, a rigid pool noodle, a garbage bin, water dumbbells, and a small chenille doormat, among others.

From Fusebox Bridget Moser has in her possession a laser beam that is pointed directly at the funniest bone in your body. She slays. Her comedy is filled with fresh ideas, strange + hilarious visuals, and an offbeat sensibility that pretty much turns her audiences into helpless blobs.

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