Fusebox Festival 2022
April 13-17

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Join us for five days this April as artists and audiences gather from all over the world for unforgettable live performances and experiences.

The festival unfolds at sites and venues across the city, ranging from intimate galleries, theaters, and clubs, to large scale projects springing to life in parks and warehouses.

Our artists span generations and genres. They’ve won MacArthur Genius and Grammy Awards, and they’re performing next to other artists that we think are equally brilliant.  Through our Free Range Art initiative, all of this is 100% free to attend.

We continue to monitor the Covid situation very closely and will communicate with all ticket holders two weeks out for specific requirements for each venue.


As a means of showcasing Austin’s vibrant art scene and connecting it to the more performance-based core of the Fusebox Festival, guest curator Michael Anthony García presents this year’s visual arts programming in two ways.


The Fusebox HUB is the social epicenter of the festival. It’s a pop-up music venue with unforgettable performances, an art space, and our favorite bar all rolled into one.

HUB 2022

The Illustrious Blacks are coming y’all!!

What is a typical Fusebox show like?

Each show is pretty unique! We present all kinds of artists working across a variety of art forms including film, theater, dance, visual art, literature, and music. In any given festival there is stuff that kids and dogs would like, and there’s programming that’s pretty challenging, and everything in between. We do have a special love for projects that transcend what we think we know about live performance. And sometimes we just want to share a project because it’s beautiful, or hilarious, or stops us in our tracks.

We’ve spent the past 18 years thinking a lot about festivals. We continue to believe in the possibilities of live performance and the act of gathering. We also continue to believe that producing a festival can (and should) be an act of community building. We are especially grateful for all of our community partners and the collaborative spirit that infuses this year’s performances and projects.