The Quick D.R.A.W. Archive of Fusebox 2019

June 6, 2019

Aron Taylor is known in Austin and across the US for his famous Quick Draw Photo booth, where he plays captivating characters, tells outlandish stories and jokes, all while he quickly “develops” your photo into a unique hand-made drawing. On the occasion of Fusebox’s 15th anniversary, Aron designed the performative festival archiving process called Quick D.R.A.W ((Dialogue, Ruminate, Archive, Witness), which transformed our audiences members favorite Fusebox performances and experiences from the past 15 years into drawings on carbon paper, leaving one for them and one for the Fusebox archive. A fleeting document of performance and of memory, these mementos are also works of art themselves. Explore a selection of these quick drawn memories from Fusebox Festival 2019 below.