Image courtesy of the artists.

147 Devices for Integrated Principles

Hillerbrand + Magsamen (+ Stopschinski) [+ Lynn]

Hurricanes, school shootings, divisive politics, anger, illness… how does anyone navigate, let alone survive in our world now? Can more apps really help? Should we constantly look to new technology to fix our problems? Or are there alternatives? 

147 Devices for Integrated Principles is an interdisciplinary project rooted in our society’s ever-growing desire to exercise control over our lives through various devices.  Consisting of performance, photography, and sculpture, it evolved out of collaborative efforts to invent new functions for ordinary objects. The ultimate goal being to create new, more intimate, and even therapeutic uses for them. For example, a blender, tape, and security camera become  A  Device for Swallowing the Apocalypse;  a rice cooker, pencils, and recycled plastic bottles were made into A Device for Understanding A Teenager; and 100 sandwiches bags filled with water was transformed into A Device for Risk Abatement.

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