Opening Event: Fri April 8, 6-9pm

By definition, a triangle is composed of three straight sides and three angles. In other words, three lines, bent at various yet specific angles together make the closed figure of a triangle. In the hands of Daniela Libertad, these simple properties that define the triangle are problematized in the most subtle, poetic ways. During her time in residence at the Museum of Human Achievement and during the Fusebox Festival, Daniela will make the properties of the triangle her subject matter, questioning its definition through a variety of different medium, exploring how this simple form creates relationships with space and the human body.

From Mexico City, Daniela Libertad is presented in partnership with the Museum of Human Achievement’s Artist In Residency program: AIR Swap, and Leslie Moody Castro. Estudio Sobre Triangulo (Studies On A Triangle) is part of an ongoing exploration throughout her residency.

AIR​ ​@ MoHA​  AIR Swap was founded as a conduit for international collaboration and exchange of ideas. The program promotes and facilitates an interdisciplinary meeting point for resident artists in Austin. The goal of this program is to grow national and international collaboration in all mediums with local and national/international artists.

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