Krudas Cubensi

Cuba in Austin

Krudas Cubensi

Krudas Cubensi are Queer Artivists, Feminist Hip-Hop Pioneers, Worker class Independent Musicians, Justice Fighters & Vegan Poets who stand up for Black and POC Woman, Queers, Immigrants and Intersectional Beings around the world.

They twist fierce feminist not conforming lyrics & afro-cuban sounds to uplift a message that makes their trance/ show irresistible, bringing Conscious Cubensi Hip Hop, Trap, Dance Hall, Cumbia, Old School, Mixtapes and new strongly beautiful Beats from Cuban and international producers with their Amazing Rebel Lyrics & Voices to empower their community.

Art is a weapon to celebrate life, for justice, to fight against oppression. Krudxs performance is a theatrical act of powerful crispy flow, sexiness, heavy pride and intersectional truth.

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