Image by Sarah Navarrete

Jiggle Pets

Frank Wo/Men Collective

A quasi-sci-fi uncanny dance- and performance art-based activation, with Frank Wo/Men as vibe makers (think heightened, otherworldly go-go dancers). Boldly-costumed characters — amorphous, high-fashion, animal-ish wiggler-jigglers— interact with small world-building installations (and with curious human Hubgoers). The rambunctious corporeal communicators display dexterous physical intelligence, dancing and shape-shifting with occasional ritualized unison. Jiggle Pets hijacks and elevates the go-go dancing model with the dancers as free agents, slipping into and out of conglomeration.

From Fusebox

This uber-talented group of dancers, technicians, costume-designers, and artistic producers, have created experimental performances that have featured food fights, hose-baths, and leather orgies, and now for the Fusebox Hub, they’ve birthed some queer and beautiful aliens who will be landing with neon-dance-messages from their planet.

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