Image by Todd Mein

ToddShow LIVE!

Todd Mein

ToddShow LIVE! is a variety show hosted by Austin Artist, Todd Mein. Broadcasting Live from Todd’s House to a dedicated screen at the Fusebox Hub, ToddShow is comedy, tragedy, short films, music, and a world of visual art — animations, paintings, portraits, comics, and sketches. Special guests from near and far will stop by to chat and some will perform for entertainment! Together, we’ll explore abstract concepts, truths and lies, and shape and color (and number) theory, with the help of 100 manifestations of Todd and collaborations with Exquisite Zombies, Occult Prism Power, Mr. Todd’s Kids’ Art, MC T-O Double D, Captain Fantasmo, and Dogs.

ToddShow LIVE! is a series of devised episodes, each dedicated to themes including, but not limited to, Time Travel, Religion, Love, Dreams, and Death. We will look to the ME of Me&Todd to discover our Spiritual Timelines, Be Assimilated with Todd Meme, and Shop at Todd-Mart.

From Fusebox Illustrator, musician, improviser, and arts educator Todd Mein is a local celebrity of sorts, never seen around town without his iconic baseball cap or shirt. Todd’s brain and art provide a refreshing, technicolor view of the world, and his house is a mini-museum of marvels. During Fusebox he’ll be broadcasting Todd TV 24/7 live from his home and it’ll feature local artists doing their wonderful thing. Think public access meets Between Two Ferns.

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