Image by Brian Fitzsimmons

Intergalactic Cactus Crossroads

Matt Smith + Students of UT Austin The School of Design and Creative Technologies + Chris Conard

Projection mapping by: Matt Smith and students of UT Austin’s The School of Design and Creative Technologies

Installation Designed by: Chris Conard

Participating students: Dustin Chang, Benjamin Clark, Megan Clarke, Jonathan Cope, Matthew, Garcia, Hannah Hurst, Kyle Kosanovich, Neal Laubach, Andrea Naranjo, Pollyanna O’Hair, Lindsey Powell, Joshua Rector, Erich Schwartz, Ian Sepdham, Bryan Guzman, Ryan Weisner, Harry Wilde Greer, Tim Zawistowski

From Fusebox This otherworldly sign-post points you here, there, everywhere. Choose multiple paths through the Fusebox Multiverse.

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